Re- Contribution Strategy | Digital Advice 



The Re- Contribution Strategy allows users to reduce the taxable component of clients Superannuation by withdrawing a lump sum from their super account, paying any necessary tax on the withdrawal, and then recontributing the money back into an existing or new super account as a tax-free non-concessional contribution. 


From the client go to Digital Advice > Scenarios > select SoA then select Re- Contribution from the Superannuation strategy selection page.  




The Re-contribution strategy details will be included in the workflow within the superannuation section. Select either a complete or partial amount to be Re-contributed based on the client circumstances and eligibility. Users can also nominate where the withdrawn amount will be recontributed by selecting from the Contribute To drop-down menu.  





This will navigate to the investment portfolio screen to select the underlying investments for the available amount.  




On the review page, a separate card will show a summary of the re-contribution strategy. 




All inputs will reflect in the Base SoA version of the advice document.   


Please see here for video


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