Asset Allocation Comparison Tool in Advice Tools

Asset Allocation Comparison Tool in Advice Tools 


Asset Allocation Comparison is a new tool developed to make it easy to compare existing and strategic asset allocation for multiple portfolios owned by the clients’ entities. This will help you make improved rebalancing recommendations.  


It is now accessible from Digital Advice > Advice Tools. 





The left menu panel will display Portfolio Name, along with a grouping of tick boxes for the clients' entities. This gives users the option to select and deselect any platform or underlying investments for comparison. 






Allocation Type 


There are two types of asset allocation - existing and strategic – Users can switch between these by selecting the required header. 






Strategic asset allocation uses client, partner, and super risk profile. By default, strategic profile will be selected, this can be altered based on the client’s requirements. 





Asset class values will be shown, along with additional columns of Variance and Variance Percentage 





Variance is a percentage of Existing Allocation percentage minus Strategic Asset Allocation percentage.


Growth Vs Defensive Asset Allocation for existing and recommended allocation 


Growth consists of: 


  • Australian Share 
  • International Share 
  • Listed Property 
  • Direct Property 
  • International Property 
  • Other 


Defensive consists of: 


  • Australian Fixed Interest 
  • International Fixed Interest 
  • Cash 



The chart can be viewed as either a Pie or Bar Chart. However, can only be downloaded as a Pie chart 






Please note  

  • Users can download the report in PDF, Word, and Excel format. 

  • All portfolios can be selected / deselected. 

  • It is also possible to select the None option in the Strategic Allocation dropdown. 

  • Pie Chart is the default graph for the Growth vs Defensive comparison. 

  • Downloaded Excel report consists of report details, selected portfolios, tabular values, and interactive graphs i.e., changed numerical values within excel will also be reflected in charts. 



Upcoming Features  


New features to be included in future releases: 

  • Drill down to the investment level to select/de-select any underlying investments for asset allocation comparison. (feature released on 5th July'22)
  • The option to change the asset allocation of existing investments 



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