Client Web Portal (Investor's Version)

How to Register for Client Web Portal

For the first time sign in, you would receive email instructions on how to register and set up your custom password for the Client Web Portal from your Adviser.

Steps on Registering for Client Web Portal:

  • From your Email Inbox, open the email received from Adviser, then click Create Password. The Create Password box launches


  • From the Create Password box, enter a password into the New Password box. Then enter the same password into the Verify New Password box.


  • Click Reset Password. Once your new password is accepted, a dialog box will launch stating Password Updated Successfully.

Please Note: ***The password link for activation in the welcome email is valid for 12 hours only***

If you were unable to activate your Client Web Portal account within 12 hours of receiving your initial email, you will receive a message alerting you that your invitation has expired. To generate a new invitation, click the Generate Email button. A new token will automatically generate.


Once you receive a new invitation, then please follow the above-mentioned steps to create a Custom Password and activate your CWP account.

How to Access Client Web Portal    

Client Web Portal can be accessed by using the URL:

 Steps to Access CWP:

  • In any browser, launch The Login screen opens.
  • Enter your email address, and custom password, and click Sign in.


In case of Forgot Password:

If you forgot or want to change the password you selected when you initially created your account, use the “Forgot your Password?” link within the log-in screen of the CWP to reset your password. To reset your custom password, do the following:

  • In any browser, launch “”. The Login screen opens.
  • From the login screen, click “Forgot your password?” The first Reset Password page opens


  • In the E-mail Address field, enter your email address.


  • Check your e-mail inbox for the Morningstar Password Assistance email sent from Morningstar, Inc. Click the reset password button, and open the reset password page.


  • Enter and verify your custom password then click Submit. A message stating that your password has changed appears.


  • In any browser, launch The Login screen opens.
  • Enter your email address, and custom password, and click Sign in.


When you’ll log in, the first page you’ll see is the overview page, where you can see a snapshot of your portfolio and different accounts.

A. Overview Section

10.png                         11.png         

1. Your Annual Investment Performance: This is an overview of how your investments have performed over the last year, you can preview your Ending Balance, Total Investment Gain, and Net returns in terms of Net Additions and Withdrawals. This widget has a button on the top right of the screen by the name "View More", which will navigate you to the "Investment Section" and will give you a detailed view of the investments.
2. Your Top Holdings and Asset Allocation: This Will give you a pie chart display of your current holdings based on their type, like International shares, direct property, etc. It'll also give you a list of your top 10 holdings in terms of value and percentage.
3. Your Accounts: This gives you an overview of Assets and Liabilities categorized based on different types. The Assets are classified as Super accounts, Investments, Cash, and Personal Assets. The Debts are Classified as Loans and Credit Cards.
4. Documents: This is a section that gives you an overview of all the documents shared by your Adviser.

B. Investment Section


  1. On the top of the screen: There is a filter section from where you can change the time horizon like you can select the last 3 year time period, or last 5 years, or last one year period, etc.
  2. Ending Balance: This gives you the Ending balance on the current date (Or based on the filter selected).
  3. Total Investment Gain: Gives you the investment gain over the period that has been selected in terms of value and Percentage.
  4. Net Investments: Gives you the total Additions and withdrawals made in the selected time period.
  5. How my investments are doing: It’s a graphical representation of your ending balance and Cumulative contribution with respect to time.
  6. Using Graph Lines: You can see the general trend from the graph and if you point your cursor on the lines, it will give you the Ending balance and Cumulative contribution value on that particular day
  7. Ending Balance and Cumulative Contributions: The final values are represented at the end of the chart, these are the values as of today, or at the end of the period selected in the filter.
  8. How my Investments are diversified: Pictorial representation of your Asset allocations, with a list on the side to understand the diversification of assets in terms of type, like Australian shares, international shares, property, cash, etc.
  9. How much have my investments grown: You can hover over the highlighted section in the graph, and you’ll be able to see how much the investments have grown in a particular period of time

If you’ll scroll down further there are two more sections


  1. Which of my accounts are included: This will give you a list of your accounts, showing their value, Net investment, Returns %, and Inception Date, you can also sort these on the basis of Value
  2. If you want to further deep dive and see account specific report you can click on the arrow on the right-hand side or on the name of the investment and you’ll be able to see the complete details of that particular account


This page will be similar to the investment page, but here you’ll just see the details related to a particular account and if you again want to see the whole data, you can click on the “Investment” tab again

    12. Holding in my Household: This is the last section under the Investment tab, which gives you the list of all the assets, their value, their % allocation, and their security type, here also you can sort the Holdings based on the value (High to low or low to high)

C. Document Section


The Last tab under the portal is Document Tab, where you can access all the documents that have been shared by your adviser.
Also, you’ll be having the ability to upload the document directly, which will be reflected in your CWP login and will be shared with your Adviser.                                                                                                  




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