Client Web Portal Setup (Adviser Version)

Client Web Portal Setup 


Accessing the Client Web Portal 

With an Adviser, Support, and Paraplanner license users can log in to the Client Web Portal with their Morningstar login





Landing Page for Adviser View 


Users will now see an additional option when logging into the Client Web portal. The Please select a client or prospect dropdown provides the ability to navigate to a selected client and preview what the client can see of their financial details and shared documents in Client Web Portal, irrespective of whether the client has a Client Web Portal login or not. 



How to set up Client Web Portal for your clients 


Setting up a client’s Client Web Portal login by navigating to a client, on the Client Home tab, there is a card for the client with the ability to Set up a Client Login. 





Selecting Set up Client Login will open a pop-up with the ability to toggle on the Client Web Portal access for the selected client. Selecting Set Client Access will then provide confirmation of the welcome email and login username to be used for the Client Web Portal. 





If the email address is already in use for another client, an error message will be triggered. This function ensures duplicate logins are not created. 





Sending the invitation will trigger a confirmation pop-up.  






How Clients register for Client Web Portal 


When the Client Web Portal invite has been sent, the client will receive a welcome email.  




Clients will need to create a new password for Client Web Portal access. They will be navigated to a new webpage to complete this step. Clients will need to enter a password into the New Password field and then repeat this in the Re-enter New Password field, to verify it.  


Select Reset Password to accept the new password, this will activate a confirmation message Password Updated Successfully. 







Please Note: The welcome email link, which allows clients to create the password and activate their Client Web Portal, will only be valid for 12 hours. 


If the client has not activated their Client Web Portal account within 12 hours of receiving the welcome email, they will receive an invitation expiration message via email. A new invitation can be generated by selecting the Generate Email button. 





Once the client receives a new invitation, they can follow the above steps. 





How clients can reset their Client Web Portal password 


If a client has forgotten their password or would like to change it, they can use the Forgot Password? link on the Client Web Portal login page, to reset their password. 






They will need to enter their email address, used to login to their Client Web Portal, on the Forgot Password Page. 






Check your email inbox for the Morningstar Password Assistance email. Select the Reset Password button and open the Reset Password page. 





The client will need to create a new password in the New Password box. Then enter the same password into the Re-enter New Password box to verify it. 








Once their password has been reset, they can login to their Client Web Portal with their email address and new password. 





Managing Client Web Portal logins 


On the Client Home tab, the client’s card will display their Client Web Portal activity, if they have not yet logged in, there is an option to remind them to do so. 





If the client has logged into Client Web Portal, their last activity detail will display on the client card. 






Users are also able to track the activity of all clients Client Web Portal activity, this is available via Tools > Adviser Tools > Client Web Portal > Master Client Access 




This page displays the Client Web Portal activities 


  • A list of clients and their Client Web Portal status, whether logins have been issued or not, 
  • Their last Client Web Portal login activity, 
  • The number of times they have logged in within the last 3 months. 


Note: Data is synchronized between AdviserLogic and Client Web Portal overnight, any change made in AdviserLogic, like adding an asset or liability, will be reflected in Client Web Portal the next day. 


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