FAQ's for Praemium's Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)



AdviserLogic now supports and displays Separately Managed Accounts for Praemium Datafeeds.

You will be able to Group the SMA's for Praemium and view them as consolidated in the Assets screen.

The option of grouping the SMAs will also flow to Digital Advice scenarios and their corresponding advice documents.






How are Praemium’s SMAs different to other platforms?

Praemium supports a blended approach to SMA management.  This means that where manager or investor-initiated transactions take place, Praemium will first look to adjust holdings within the client’s SMA portfolio prior to transacting on the holdings. 

The benefit to the client is fewer transactions, which can support lower transaction costs and reduced capital gains tax outcomes.


How is AdviserLogic managing the blended SMA balances?


  • When SMA grouping is switched off, the underlying holdings will be displayed, showing the transactions for each holding. 


  • When SMA grouping is switched on, only the balance for each SMA will display.  This supports the general requirement for users to view an accurate balance for either the individual underlying holdings within the portfolio, or each SMA when generating advice for the client.



When the Group SMA functionality is disabled in the Assets screen, why can’t I see which underlying investments form part of the SMA?


The teal bullet points are not present for Underlying Investments that form part of an SMA on the asset screen. This is because we receive cumulative balances for holdings with the same investment code from Praemium, this means, separating the underlying funds within an SMA is not possible.




What are the types of investments available under Praemium's Investment menu?


  • Single Asset Models (SAM): Investments in an individual managed fund, listed security or ETP, and are managed by Praemium.




  • Multi Asset Models (MAM): Investments in a number of Model Portfolios, which can be tailored in any proportion of Investors' choice.




Group SMA Functionality in Digital Advice

If the Investment Fees and Costs are missing for any of the existing Datafeed SMA, a pop-up window will activate, allowing users to manually enter the SMA's Investment Fees when creating a new scenario or using Advice Tools. 




Users can also check and edit the Existing SMA fees while doing a scenario which can be accessed through the vertical ellipsis (3 dots) on the upper right corner of the window.




The Reset feature allows users to reset the fee values to their defaults by selecting the circular arrow icon from the top right of the Fees & Costs window.


Why is the investment fee coming through as blank for an SMA?  


Praemium sends us a total of 244 SMAs for which fees will be available, however, the same might not be available for recommendation in Digital Advice > Settings > SMA Setup. We do, however, have SMA managers covered in our Database


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Existing SMA's with a 0% fee should be left blank, and will appear as 0 in the corresponding advice document


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