Comprehensive Investment Reports

The Comprehensive Investment Report provides a streamlined way to download an overview of the client’s Asset Allocation, Investment Returns and Investment Valuation in a single report. 

The Comprehensive Investment Report can be accessed through a client, under the Reports Menu > Review Investment Reports. The report draws all the information from the client’s Assets page, with options to select:

  • The date range for calculating the investment returns;
  • Checkbox to display the selected entities and platforms;
  • PDF or Word file formats for report download, displaying the charts and tables sectioned by the entity and investments held inside and outside of super. 

Asset Allocation

The Asset Allocation chart and table displays the asset allocation percentage of all assets held by the selected client, partner and related entities compared with their associated target risk profile. The Asset Allocation chart and table values are as at the date of document download.  

Method of formulation:

Asset allocation template output example:

Investment Returns

The Investment Returns table displays the following key data:

  • Investment holdings portfolio allocation percentage;
  • Opening balance and unit holding;
  • Ending balance and unit holding;
  • Total return calculated on the investments underlying transactions. This is based on the selected start date and end date for the client, partner and related entities.

Method of formulation:

Investment Returns output example:  

Investment Valuation

The Investment Valuation table displays your selected portfolios grouped by Platform or Direct investment for client, partner, and related entities. The table values are as at date of document download. 

Investment Valuation output example:  


The following Assets do not flow into the Investment Report”

  • Lifestyle Assets, Family Homes, and Offset Accounts.
  • If the ‘Exclude from Report’ for an Asset is selected.
  • Any asset input as a Dollar Value asset. This is also not reflected in the Investment Report as a unit price is required for calculations.  

The following sections are expected to be available in the Next Release (Additional sections):

  • Asset Allocation chart & table – consolidated
  • Investment Return table updates
  • Investment Fees table
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