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Client Web Portal


The Client Web Portal provides a modern and secure front-end digital experience to engage with your clients and offer them a view of their investments and financial wellbeing.

Client Web Portal can be accessed here.




The landing page is the overview page, providing a snapshot of the portfolio, assets, liabilities, and shared documents.





Your Annual Investment Performance

Provides a summary of how the client’s investments have performed over the past twelve months.


Ending Balance

The total balance of the client’s super accounts & investment portfolios.


Total Investment Gain

The total investment gain of the client’s portfolio over the past twelve months on a dollar and percentage basis.


Net Investment

Provides a breakdown of the additions and withdrawals made to the client’s super accounts and investment portfolios over the past twelve months.


Your Top Holdings and Asset Allocation

Displays the client’s portfolio asset allocation in a pie chart as well as the top 10 holdings in dollar amount and percentage weight of their portfolio.


Your Accounts

An overview of the client’s Assets and Liabilities. These are categorized by the following, asset types are classified as Super Accounts, Investments, Cash and Personal Assets. The liabilities are classified by Loans and Credit Cards.



Documents that you share with your clients can be easily accessed by them here.









  • Filter
    An option for client’s to view their portfolio performance over the specified timeframe.
  • Ending Balance
    This is the total balance of client’s super accounts & investment portfolios on the current date.
  • Total Investment Gain
    This is the total investment gain of client’s portfolio over the selected timeframe on a dollar and percentage basis.
  • Net Investment
    This provides a breakdown of the additions and withdrawals made to client’s super accounts and investment portfolios over the selected timeframe.
  • How are my investments doing?
    A nice visual graph that your clients can view their investment portfolio change in value over the selected timeframe.
  • Graph Lines
    Hovering over the graph provides an interactive pop up view of the ending balance and cumulative contribution values on that specific date.
  • Ending Balance and Cumulative Contributions
  • How my Investments are diversified?
    This displays client’s investment portfolio asset allocation in a pie chart.
  • How much have my investments grown?
    This column graph provides a more detailed look at how client’s investments have grown as a percentage for a specific period.




  • Which of my accounts are included?
    A list of all your clients' accounts, with a summary of the balance, the net additions and withdrawals, and returns over the selected timeframe.
  • Holdings in My Household
    This view gives your client a list of all the assets, their investments value, percentage weight of their portfolio and the security type.
  • Further deep dive
    Your client’s can see their specific accounts in more detail, to see how that account has been invested and performed over the selected timeframe.





The Documents page allows users to share access to and receive documents from clients




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Updates to Client Web Portal 18/08/2022

- Your Accounts on the Overview page has been changed to Your Net Worth

- Net Investment on the Investments page has been changed to Cumulative Contribution

- Content of tool tip beside Total Investment Gain has been modified to reflect the information that 1 year or less returns, is based on Actual ROR and more than 1 year return is based on XIRR.

- Client Portal on Sign in page has been changed to Client Web Portal

- Changes to the welcome email body have been made.

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