myprosperity Integration with AdviserLogic



myprosperity is an all-in-one client portal with innovative digital tools to increase practice efficiencies, scale client engagement and grow revenue, better engage clients, and help them achieve financial goals.


myprosperity Integration with AdviserLogic

The myprosperity integration with AdviserLogic provides an efficient way to sync your client’s myprosperity information into AdviserLogic.


Linking your myprosperity account with AdviserLogic

The first step is to link your myprosperity account via Tools > Third-Party Integration > myprosperity integration.




Selecting Connect will navigate to a new window to enter myprosperity credentials 





Check the permissions you wish to grant and select Yes Allow




Once the details are entered, it will navigate back to the AdviserLogic screen now the window will show  details of the clients who are present in the system and show the following details about the sync.




Syncing Client Details 

Select the client using the checkbox present beside each row.

Search for a client using the search bar at the top of the window.

Having selected the clients to sync, select the Sync all button. A pop-up confirmation will activate stating that syncing is in progress and it may take a few minutes to sync.




The Refresh button will update and show the outcome of the Sync. It is also possible to navigate to another page and come back to the myprosperity integration after a few minutes, this will automatically refresh the page and the current status will be shown.




There are 3 different status'

In Progress – This will be shown when the sync is In Progress.

Synced – This will be shown when all the data of Personal has been synced.

Partially Synced – This will be shown when basic details have been synced but other detail has not.



Please only sync clients within myprosperity that are not in already AdviserLogic as it is not possible to map clients created via the myprosperity integration to an existing AdviserLogic client.


This initial phase will bring through Basic Information, Contact Details, Dependents, Entities, Consultants, and Goals & Objectives.


The second phase will bring through Income & Expenses, Assets/Liabilities, Insurance, and Superannuation.

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