Funds available under AdviserLogic Database

We have collated a list of all the products like ETFs, LICs, Funds, and SMAs (paper models, off-platform) available in the AdviserLogic database. It is made available in the attached excel file for all the users so that you can search/filter/sort the products easily. This collated list includes all investment types which will reduce the time and effort to search for a particular product across our various platforms. The file will include the below-mentioned fields that can be filtered using basic Ms-Excel functions as per need:

  1. Name of the fund
  2. Platform
  3. APIR Code
  4. SecId (for internal use)
  5. Firm Name
  6. Advisor
  7. Investment Type
  8. Morningstar Category

Morningstar Category field will help in identifying the best options as we group funds that can be reasonably considered to be close investment alternatives. The Morningstar Category classification system is a valuable referencing system to make fund selection efficient. Where possible, the Morningstar Category classification is intended to be compatible with Morningstar’s portfolio building philosophy, providing a fundamental structure for effective portfolio diversification across all asset classes.

We will be updating the list of all the products available under AdviserLogic Database and the same can be accessed from the below excel link: (data as of 24th-January-2022):


Product_Details 09-March-22.xlsx


Key Points to Remember:

  • You can view the Excel file to search the product information using basic excel functionalities. It will be a read-only file which we will keep on updating on regular basis.
  • SecId: This column has been added only for internal purposes and cross-references.
  • Model - Investment Type (or SMA) products are available only in Digital Advice settings via the SMA setup option.
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