Asset Allocation Comparison Tool

                       Asset Allocation comparison tool


Asset Allocation comparison is a new tool wherein, you will be able to compare Existing, Recommended, Strategic asset allocation for multiple portfolios owned by entities (client, partner, super, SMSF, company, trust). This tool is accessible from all screens of the Digital Advice strategy flow (available on the rebalance portfolio screen as ‘ Asset Allocation Comparison’ button and on 3 dot menu options on other Digital Advice screens).



On the left section of the tool, you will see all the portfolios name with the tick boxes grouped based on entity Client, Client’s Super, Partner, Partner’s super, Joint, SMSF, Company, and Trust. You have the option to select and deselect any portfolio or the underlying investment for comparison.


Allocation Type:

There are 3 types of Asset allocation- Existing, Recommended, and Strategic and you can select/deselect any by clicking on the header.


Strategic asset allocation uses client, partner, and super risk profiles. By default strategic profile will be selected that can be altered as per user requirements.



All the asset class values with all the Asset Allocation will also be available in a tabular form along with additional columns of Variance and Variance Percentage.


Variance is a percentage of Strategic Asset Allocation minus Recommended Allocation. This is presented in a form of a Bar Chart.


Growth Vs Defensive Asset Allocation for existing and recommended allocation

Growth Consists of:

  • Australian Share
  • International Share
  • Listed Property
  • Direct Property
  • International Property
  • Other

Defensive consists of:

  • Australian Fixed Interest
  • International Fixed Interest
  • Cash

There are 2 options for the chart:

  1. Bar Chart
  2. Pie Chart


All the graphs can be downloaded separately in image format, refer to screenshot for the same:




Holding: All the holdings of the selected portfolios for the client is visible under this section, holdings can be viewed in Bar Chat or Table view.



In the case of the Bar Chart, when the user hovers over the fund, a pop will display the Asset Allocation of the fund:H3.png

Under holdings, the user can now edit the asset allocation for both recommended and existing funds as per their requirements:H4.png


When the user clicks on the pencil icon, then a screen pops up where the user can change the allocation:



Point to be noted:

  • All the Portfolios and the underlying can be selected/ deselected as per the requirement
  • We can select the 'None' option in the Strategic allocation dropdown as well
  • Pie Chart would be the default graph for the ‘Growth vs Defensive’ comparison.
  • When updating the allocation, the total should be 100%, only then the update button will be available otherwise it will be greyed out.
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