Enhancement to increase security on the email module.


Sending emails through AdviserLogic is a simple process that can help reduce the amount of data entry needed to keep your client records up to date.

In an effort to increase the security of the e-mail sections. We have added a new feature of sending out emails to the client with the Morningstar domain.

With the new Morningstar SendGrid account, now for any email that is sent out from the Adviserlogic system, the domain will be noreply@alerts-morningstar.com from which it will be sent.

In addition to that the Adviser has an option that whenever the client wants to reply on the same mail, it can be done. By adding the adviser's mail id in the reply to section.


Steps to use the new email feature:

  1. Open the Email in your Adviserlogic account from the left-hand side of the screen:

  2. Once you're on the Email screen, there are a few things we must be familiar with

    • The ‘From’ button is greyed out as domain for any email that is sent out of Adviserlogic will always be the same ‘noreply@alerts-morningstar.com’.

    • The ‘Reply To’ button will allow the user to set up an Email Profile that includes the user’s signature and all the replies can be done from the same mail.


    • An email is sent out from Morningstar Domain but the Name will be the name of the Adviser who is advising the client (for example in below snip test is the adviser and noreply@alerts-morningstar.com is the Morningstar Domain from which the e-mail is sent from


    • When an email is sent out from Adviserlogic, the recipient can reply to the Adviser it will use the email used in the ‘Reply To’ field, refer to screenshot:

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