Add/ Switch Platform strategy


Using the 'Add/Switch platform' strategy, you will now be able to recommend the transfer of direct investments to a new investment platform.


Steps on recommending the “Add/Switch Platform” strategy:

  1. First, click on create a new scenario and then select “Add/Switch Platform” strategy under the “Investment Strategies”.Picture_1.png
  1. Set goals on the “Goals/Strategy Linking” screen and move on to the “Add/Switch Platform” screen, you will be able to see all the investment platforms and direct investments owned by the Client, Partner, Company, Trust, etc.        Picture2.png (Note: All the direct investments will be separately visible for each entity).
  1. You can view all the direct investments, by clicking on “Select Investment”Picture3.png

The “Select Investment” option will open a pop-up screen, allowing you to redeem/transfer amount from the investments.
Click on save to proceed after entering the redeem/transfer amount. Picture4.png

  1. You have the option of switching to an existing platform or a new platform. Picture5.png

For the new switched-in platform, you will be able to change the owner with the help of the dropdown option. Picture6.png

 (Note: You will also be able to view the owner of ’Existing’ switched-in platforms)

  1. Add/Switch Platform strategy allows you to recommend multiple platform switches using the “Switch Another Portfolio” button. Picture7.png
  1. If you have recommended multiple switches, the same can be viewed by clicking on the “Recommended Portfolio” icon on the switch screen. Picture8.png


Note 1: You can opt for In-Specie transfer which will allow you to transfer all your direct investments as it is to the new switched-in platform. Picture9.png

Note 2: If you have transferred your direct investments into a new platform, on the research screen you will see it labeled as "New Platform". Picture10.png

Note 3: If you have created multiple switches in a single scenario, on the “Research” and “Fees” screen you will be able to select all your recommended switch from the drop-down describing the owner followed by the switch order. Picture11.png


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