Digital Advice | Updates to Base SOA | November 2021


As part of our commitment to improving our Digital Advice module, we have listened to your feedback and made some updates to our Base SoA:

  • Enhanced our "About You" Section
    • Personal (Individual) / SMSF / Trust / Company Entities are now clearly broken up to make it simpler to identify 
    • Updated SMSF Trustee Details and added it to the About You section.
    • Grouping of SMA Portfolios have been updated.
  • Fixed Executive Summary and Net Cashflow bug where data was not matching


Information on Updates

Grouping of SMAs

Where Grouping of SMA's is enabled, it will show up as a single line item. A subsequent table then shows the breakdown of the SMA.

Grouping of Assets by Platform

Assets and Liabilities have been updated and are now grouped by Platforms.


SMSF is now shown as a line item for each member



Separation of Individual / SMSF / Trusts / Company Information

Different entities are now separated to allow for clearer distinction between Entitles.

Note: SMSF details will only show where Advice is being given for SMSF.






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