Enhancement in Service Fee Disclosure Widget to include Anniversary Column



We have released an enhancement in the SFD Widget which can be seen on the Adviser Home which now include the Anniversary Dates column, this column will show the Anniversary Due Date, and the date format will be DD/MM/YYYY.


Expanded View



Dedicated Anniversary Column in Expanded View



Minimized View



Dedicated Anniversary Column in Minimized View



Please Note:

In this widget, we are not showcasing the days left and overdue days below the Anniversary Date.

If the status is under Disclosed or Terminated state, then we will only show the Anniversary Date and do not count it in due. And will count the due in the Disclosed or Terminated state as per the state client is in.

For example:

Application Date = 01/10/2020, Anniversary Date = 01/10/2021, Disclosure Due Date = 30/11/2021. Consent Termination Due Date = 5/11/2021.

 If the state is Terminated, then the count will be in Consent Termination Due Date Column and not in the Anniversary Due Date column.

In the below snip the client is in Anniversary Due state:-


Now since we have marked the state as terminated the count is showing in the Consent Termination Due and not in Anniversary:-



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