Database Segment - Update Related to Compliance Dates

Compliance related FDS dates are now synced into Database Segmentation that would help you to generate customized and comprehensive reports through segments.

The fields that have been removed from the FOFA section of the Database Segments, this include the redundant dates which cannot be used further are:

  • FOFA.Application Day
  • FOFA.Disclosure Month
  • FOFA.Disclosure Day
  • FOFA.Renewal Day
  • FOFA.Renewal Month
  • FOFA.Renewal Period End
  • FOFA.Termination day
  • FOFA.Service Level

See the old snip below:


Dates which you will see now are:

  • Application Date
  • Anniversary Date
  • Renewal Due Date
  • Disclosure Due Date
  • Consent Termination Date
  • Consent Renewal Date
  • Service Level Ongoing Year
  • Service Level Next Year

The format of the dates is dd/mm/yyyy.

These dates have been added onto the reports completely and not only the day or month or year of the date.




In the above snip, the following dates are given in front of the type of dates and the same would get populated in the reports generated through Database Segmentation.

Application Date: 01/07/2020
Anniversary Date: 01/07/2021
Renewal Due Date: 29/10/2021
Disclosure Due Date: 30/08/2021
Consent Renewal Date: 29/11/2021


Headings and subheadings in FOFA, FOFA Fees, and FOFA Services fields are also updated to SFD.subheader and can be seen as per the following screenshot:



Please Note:

If you have any old segment reports that contain FOFA fields then you are required to update the report manually so as to use the same.


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