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We have released the ‘Service Fee Disclosure’ widget on Adviser Home. It is an intuitive framework to help you monitoring and tracking clients with different regulatory dates at a glance.

It will streamline your process so that you can easily see which client require attention and to track them in different stages. Any action performed on the ‘Service Fee Disclosure’ module will get reflected in the ‘Service Fee Disclosure’ widget.

This widget will be available under your Adviser Home and is presented in two views:

View in Minimized Mode:


View in Maximized Mode:


Options available in the widget:

  • Filter by Days: you control whether you see FDS that are due in the coming 30, 60, or 90 days. The choice is yours.
  • Filter by Advisers: see just your clients or, if you're managing clients for colleagues, see theirs' too

Any changes done in filters will be saved for the next time you log in to AdviserLogic


Additional Filters available on the top bar:

  • Total: Preview total number of clients
  • Disclosure: Preview clients that are in the Disclosure stage
  • Renewal: Preview clients that are in the Renewal stage
  • Consent Renewal: Preview clients that are in the Consent Renewal stage
  • Consent Termination: Preview clients that are in the Consent Termination stage

Advisers can view the count of clients at each stage and view clients on a specific stage by clicking on the above default filters


Icons present on the top right corner:

  • Settings Icon: The settings icon, by default, will show all the overdue dates, you can untick it as per the requirement
  • Excel Icon: You can download the widget information in an excel file
  • View Icon: You can click on the view icon to see the widget in a default/expanded format


The widget includes six columns:

  • Client Name
  • Adviser Name
  • Disclosure Due Date
  • Renewal Due Date
  • Consent Renewal Due Date
  • Consent Termination Due Date

This widget will automatically sort clients on the basis of the nearest due dates. Clients with the most due dates in any stage will be displayed at the top. 

Clicking on any client will be directed to new compliance page. If you hover over the tick mark you can view date on which status was completed.


If you have any of the old Six FDS widgets enabled on adviser home then the new Service Fee Disclosure widget will be enabled for you by default else you can enable it from Customise Adviser Home



Please Note:

Currently, the dates have not been updated on the following screen, we are hopeful to get it updated by Q4

  • Database segment >> FOFA Fields


  • Email Insert Code Section


  • Email Group Management



eLearning Video: Click Here

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