Use Advice Tools research in Insurance strategy flow

You can now create insurance recommendations efficiently as the previously saved research(s) would be visible and can be utilized within the strategy flow.

Needs analysis and risk research parameters saved in Advice Tools can be linked to all insurance strategies.


Recently saved research can be accessed from Advice Tools home page.




This saved research(s) will be visible in insurance strategy flow as well.


Once you land on the Needs Analysis page in insurance strategy flow, by default.


<Client Name>_Needs research will be selected for a given strategy. This is the default scenario that utilizes the latest fact find data at the time of digital advice scenario creation.


You can simply click on ‘Choose Scenario’ dropdown to select any other previously saved research in Advice Tools section. Needs research will be visible along with last updated date.



Similarly, you can access saved quote parameters in the research page ‘Saved Quote’ section.



Please note that only one needs analysis research can be linked to a digital advice scenario.


Also, each strategy will have its own quote research attached.


In case of a multi-strategy scenario, in case you want to change already saved needs analysis research for a given scenario, you will be prompted with an information message as shown in the image attached.



Click on Proceed to save changes.


You can easily download research (needs and quote parameters) linked as Docx reports from the Download Report buttons on the right bottom corner of the screen.


The latest needs analysis research will automatically float into SOA for a given digital advice scenario.


Note: Only the latest quote research flows in the attached SOA, development team is working on including all the linked quote research. However, you still download research reports and attach them as a file note for compliance purposes.

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