Advice Tools

Advice Tools allow you to access and perform independent Superannuation, Insurance and Investment Research 

Accessing Advice Tools 

You can access the Advice tools by either hovering over the Digital Advice button and clicking on Advice Tools or by clicking on Digital Advice and then clicking on Advice Tools from the Digital Advice landing page.




This will take you into Advice Tools where you will see the available Tools to select from includingSuper: Super Research & Super Fees Comparison,Insurance:Needs Analysis & Quoting & Research, and Investments: Platform Research and Platform Fee Comparison .




Super Research and Super Fees – Compare Super Fund Features and Fees 

Please follow the below articles on how to do super research and super fees comparison – 

Independent Insurance Research Comparison 

Please follow the below articles on Insurance Research and Needs analysis – 


Platform Research and Fees 

Platform Research 

Platform research functions in a manner like superannuation research. 

On clicking on Platform Research you may get a prompt to map a platform (if not already done) to an existing platform in the database.



Select the relevant platform to map and click on save. If you do not want to map, click on cancel to move to the research screen. 

Alternatively, On the research screen, click on the 3 dots on the right side to map platforms.



You can add new platforms for comparison on the research screen which is similar by design and functionality to super research. 

 This screen will be specific to the selected client and you will see the client’s existing platforms with an option to add more platforms for comparison by clicking on ‘+ New Platforms’ button as shown below.



Click on the dropdown under Add platform to select the platform you want to compare to.




Platform Fee Comparison 

Click on Platform Research Comparison dropdown to navigate to Platform Fee Comparison screen.




You can do a like to like comparison based on the comparison amount which is editable. This editable amount can be reset back to the default amount.




Note- The comparison amount by default will be equal to the sum of the client or partner’s existing platform balances.  

There is an option to add more platforms for comparison by clicking on ‘+ New platforms’ button 

On the top left corner, there is an entity feature where you can select and change using the dropdown.





Note – The name of the entity in the dropdown will appear even if there is no platform under the entity and all the columns will appear as blank.


Adding Underlying Investments under the platform 

On selecting, a new box will appear which will ask you to add underlying investments.






Clicking on Model Portfolio/SMA will give you the option to select the various model portfolios or SMAs from the drop-down.




After adding, once the remaining Amount becomes 0, Only then will the Add button become active to click on. 

If you want to remove or adjust a certain investment from the investment list, click on the ‘X' button to delete the investment. A confirmation pop-up will appear.




You can also click on the Clear All button if you want to delete the entire investment list.




The proportions of the investments can be adjusting using either the recommended column or the column. 

Once the investments have been added, you will see the ICR and investments. Also, you can edit the investments by clicking on the Edit button to go to the investments screen. 

Click on Details to see ICR details.






Here, you can edit the ICRs. Once done, click on Save and the changes will reflect on the platform fee comparison screen. 


Saving and Downloading Research and Fee Comparisons – Reports 

Super Research and Fee Comparison

To save the research, click on the floppy disk icon and enter the name for the comparison in the dialog box that will appear and then click on save.




The saved research and fee can be renamed by clicking on the pen icon next to the name.



You can download the comparison report in either the PDF or word format using the downward arrow icon. 




The saved research can be accessed from the advice tools landing screen under Recently saved research parameters heading.




You can search for particular saved research by using the search bar, sort the list by clicking on the Updated On button and delete the research by clicking on the bin icon you will see on hovering over that particular saved research.




Platform Research and Fee Comparison 

Saving and accessing saved platform research is similar to super research and fee comparison. 

Click on the floppy disk icon to save a comparison.




Once saved, the name will appear at the top which can be edited using the pen icon.




You can create copies of the comparison from the screen icon. By clicking on it, the research will get saved on the Advice tools home screen.






Click on the rotation arrow icon to reset the comparison to default values as available in the fact find 

You can download the comparison report in either PDF or Word format using the downward arrow icon.




You can search for particular saved research by using the search bar, sort the list by clicking on the Updated On button and delete the research by clicking on the bin icon you will see on hovering over that particular saved research.




Note – Saved Comparisons will be available for a duration of 180 days from the date of creation on the Advice Tools landing screen, after which they will cease to be visible. 










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