Scheduled Segment Exports


In the Database Segmentation Section, we now have an option to be able to Schedule Segment Reports download. This option will basically give us the option wherein we can auto-download a database segmentation reports to FTP Server.


Tools>Adviser Tools>Database Reporting>Database Segmentation



Once we are in the database segmentation option we shall be able to find the option for Schedule Segment Reports.db2.png




  • SFTP Address/Username/Password: - These are details specific to our SFTP and we need to keep this ready before we look into utilising this functionality.
  • Schedule Report:- This will by default always be Daily
  • Select Reports:- We shall be able to select Reports that we want to schedule for Auto Downloading from here. The list will only include the Default created segments or any shared segments.
  • Link:- All the Information's mentioned in the box are mandatory and we need to have all of them filled, once we are ready with all the information we can click on Link. As soon as we click on Link the server will verify all the details and link it if all information entered is appropriate. Adding to that if we wish to edit any information we can enter the new information in the respective field and click on Link again.
  • Unlink:- If at any stage we wish to stop auto-downloading of the reports we can click on the Unlink option.

Latest Update: We have removed the functionality of having multiple files and folder for the back-dated reports in Scheduled Segment Reports.

As per the latest functionality, the user can log into their server (Filezilla etc) and can create a folder under the directory. Once done with this step, the user can link his ADL scheduled segment folder with the server folder. This functionality would allow the folder to be updated automatically as per the latest date reports eliminating the need and clutter of different folders

Note - To access back-dated folders, the user would need to save the file as they arrive and create a folder as per his specific requirements.

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