SMSF Strategies

The Cash Deficit and Cash Management Strategy are now available for the SMSF Section as well.

To access these strategies for the SMSF we will have to select the SMSF Entity in the cashflow section> On the Plus button on the right hand corner of the SMSF Sheet, there will be an option for Cash Management and Cash Deficit.




The Cash Management and Cash Deficit strategies will help us in utilising the surplus or deficit within the SMSF section.

Cash Management:- The Cash Management option for the SMSF has 2 strategies, namely, Pay off Loan and Additional Investment. On selecting any of them the Loans or Investments related to the SMSF will load up and we can decide towards which Investment or Loan we would want to put in the strategy.




Cash Deficit: - As part of Cash Deficit the strategies that we have our Sell Asset and Drawdown Liabilities strategies available.


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