AdviserLogic Base SoA Release Notes | Feb 2021

Release Notes for AdviserLogic Base SoA



Template formatting has been enhanced and applied throughout the template based on valuable feedback from users. Access the Base templates Style Guide here.

Six additional strategies are now available including Non Super Rebalance. Click here to view all strategies. 

Strategy justifications is now a simpler style to make it as easy as possible for editing and to provide a smoother download to Microsoft Word (docx) experience.

A new Asset Allocation chart provides an enhanced visual impact for discussing your clients Risk Profile.





Change to AdviserLogic Base SoA

You can access the template by navigating to the Digital Advice Tab > General Settings > Select Template > !!AdviserLogic Advice Templates (Folder) > AdviserLogic Base SoA.




NEW: Portfolio Rebalance (Non-Super) Strategy

Recommend Portfolio Rebalance strategy efficiently for non super assets under Investments section Click here to learn more.


AdviserLogic Base SoA Template Structure

Cover Letter (Letterhead) 

This will populate all of your practice and adviser details including your logo. If you do not wish to include a cover letter, use the Bin icon to delete this. 


Statement of Advice - Cover Page 

This will populate your practice logo, client, adviser and licensee details. 


Table of Contents 

Table of Contents is automatically generated on download to docx.  Alternatively, this is replaced by the left Navigation menu. Clients can navigate to sections using the Navigation menu from the PDF document output. 


Executive Summary 

The top of this section includes an introductory paragraph covering what the document is about. Following this is the Executive Summary. This should include a basic summary of your client's information, objectives and your key recommendations. Basic outline of this information is coded ready for you to edit and massage into your own words. 


Goals & Objectives 

Details of clients goals and objectives broken into short, medium and long term.  Any goal which does not have time-frame, dates or values attached, will appear at the bottom of this. 


Advice Scope 

Advice sections and strategies are showed as scoped in and scoped out. What goals are included in your advice and the linked strategies are shown followed by an outline of what advice you are not authorised to provide. 


About You 

A streamline summary of client, partner (if applicable) and dependants details.  You will find a good level of detail with full information in the Appendices.  This section also covers summary of Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expenses and Insurance.  


Investment Approach 

Details client and partner risk profile information including new charts. 


My Advice 

All recommended strategies are found in this section covering Investments, Superannuation, SMSF, Insurance, Estate Planning, Centrelink and Aged Care. 

Each section has product recommendation summary, product costs and why my advice is right for you. 

This section also covers Asset Allocation and Alternative Strategies. 

Some sections have a summary such as Insurance Needs with full details located in the appendices. 

The Why My Advice is Right for You shows your clients goals and objectives, together with your recommendations to enable you to demonstrate how your advice meets the clients objectives. 

Super and Insurance Replacement - RPAR tables and details. 

Product fees include details for ongoing product fees including ICR and Buy/Sell costs, upfront and ongoing insurance commissions. 


The Cost of My Advice 

Details of advice preparation, implementation, other and ongoing fees for your advice. Product fees are within each section under My Advice. 



Details of any Licensee disclosures and / or conflict of interest you need to include with your advice.  This page also provides Product Information - PDS details for your client to reference. 


How to Implement My Advice 

This section highlights what needs to be done from an implementation perspective for the advice, and who is responsible. Additionally, you can include any other appropriate steps, as required. 


Authority to Proceed 

Agreement page for client / partner to sign to accept and proceed with advice. 



About You - detailed fact pages about your client / partner situation. 

Ongoing Services - details of the services you are providing your client. 

Financial Modelling - Cash Flow strategy text and modelling graphs pages. 
 - You need to select the "Cash flow" strategy under "Other" for this page to appear.

Superannuation Research - Benefits and Fees comparison tables 

Insurance Research - Details from insurance research 



Strategy Examples

There are many articles in the Digital Advice Usage Guide to assist you.  Strategy Examples is a great way to work through a common strategy with step-by-step instructions for preparing advice.  Click below to access examples:

Buy a New Insurance Policy 

Existing Insurance (Retain / Increase / Decrease)

Complete a Super Rollover (and Contribution) 

Income Streams (Commence an Account Based Pension) 



Safe Harbour Checklist

If you would like to create a Best Interest Duty or Safe Harbour Checklist to support your advice, you will find one available in our AdviserLogic Premier templates.  From within your client, go to Reports > Templates and select the AdviserLogic Premier template folder.  The template is ADL53-Safe Harbour Checklist.  Note: This template is not integrated with Digital Advice but allows you to create a separate audit checklist for your advice.


Base 4.0 


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