Latest Enhancements in AdviserLogic

As a part of our ongoing commitment to deliver robust software, we’ve been investing in our Product Development framework. The recent enhancements are a testimony to our continued efforts in this regard.

In this recent enhancement, we have included new features in AdviserLogic as well as enhancements to existing tools. They include:

  • Portfolio Compare

Portfolio X-Ray has been extended and integrated with a new Portfolio Compare component. This empowers you to easily compare the existing and model portfolios, providing valuable insights to inform your client and drive portfolio change recommendations.

To access Portfolio Compare:

Step 1: Launch Portfolio Compare from Portfolio X-Ray


Step 2:  Select the portfolios & click on “Compare”


Step 3:  Download Report


  • Enhancements to the Assets module

We have discontinued the multi-tick function for exporting assets, opting for a simpler 'export all' function.  “Export” & “Add” icons have been given a more compact look.


  • In addition to some cosmetic changes on the asset page, another prolific component, Fund Compare has been integrated on the Assets module.
  • Compare up to five managed funds with just a few clicks and easily demonstrate the value of advice to your clients.

Steps to use Fund Compare Tool in Assets

 Step 1: The tool is provisioned on the “assets” screen as shown below with a first-time notification.


Step 2: On click of “Fund Compare” icon, the tool is invoked resulting in filtering all the managed funds. This is supported with a guidance tip for first timers to use the tool.


Step 3:  On click of “Compare” icon post selecting the desired managed funds from the filtered list, the tool opens in a separate window with the details. This further has an option to print as well.




Step 4: The tool also offers to compare to funds which are defined as a part of the Australian Universe (not a part of the approved list).


  • Enhancement on X-Ray report data

The X- Ray component implementation in AdviserLogic was further extended with the addition of a filter providing flexibility to view the report across individual or multiple portfolio(s). A minor enhancement of displaying pre-filled information before report generated is implemented.



  • Signature Reports - International Funds

 Signature Reports are now available for International Securities.

Further, real-time & interactive charts in Signature Reports are now enabled for all relevant securities.






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