Upcoming Appointments Widget - Integration via Zapier


API Integration is vital for a cloud-based platform. Integration's primary value is to allow data entered in one platform to automatically populate across other platforms, potentially saving hundreds of hours. AdviserLogic understands how critical this is to the efficient operation of our clients' businesses. To that end we teamed up with Zapier to allow you to benefits from their massive API network. 

Our latest enhancement in this area is a new Upcoming Appointments widget. This is based on Zapier API functionality, and through this we hope to provide you an option to view all your Outlook and Google calendar events from the widget, as well as in the AdviserLogic Diary 

You are also provided the option to delete, Start/Join event for Outlook and Google calendar events via Location, and log invitee event responses in the Appointment widget. 



Please Note: You need to have an active Zapier subscription and Zapier Integration enabled in AdviserLogic to use this new functionality. 

Zapier Integration with AdviserLogic

Zapier is a tool for users to connect AdviserLogic with various web applications. We have provided certain pre-existing templates that you can use while creating a Zap. 

To setup Zapier and for more details on it, please refer to Zapier (Everything you need to know) article.


Step1: Click on Zapier and choose the Template for which you wish to create a Zap


Note: Do not forget to Click on “Generate API Secret Key”. Your API Secret key will be used in later steps.


Step2: Click on “Use this Zap”, you will be directed to Zapier website. Sign up with a new account or log in with your existing Zapier account.


Step3: Enter the API Secret Key and Password generated in Step1


Step4: Connect your Apps with your AdviserLogic Account and Turn on Zap.


Step 5: You’ll receive this below message once you create a successful Zap.



Once the Zap is created, the data from your linked account will flow into Adviserlogic Diary and Appointment Widget as below:


Zapier Integration allows to import your 3rd party apps data into AdviserLogic. In this example, you could see Outlook data (with the same parameters) is appearing in the widget as well as in Diary. The parameters that we have included in the recent development of the widget includes:

  • Location
  • Importance
  • Reoccurrence
  • Private Event
  • Invitees
  • Cancelled Events


The enhanced integration capability allows to fetch your 3rd party app meeting location in the widget. We have provided integration to view the geographic location of the meeting as well as meeting held virtually. This now means that you do not have to rely on your 3rd party apps to access meeting details. You can now jump to virtual meetings or access the geographical location of a meeting using Adviserlogic only.




We have also included the feature to show your high priority and low priority meetings in the widget itself (similar to feature available in Outlook).


Note: Meetings marked with no importance or normal importance will appear without an importance tag.


Recurring events are an important part of calendaring. Whether it's a weekly meeting with your staff, or a division-wide review meeting that happens on the second Tuesday of each month, recurring events make it easy to create the event once, and let the server fill in the rest of the series. We have included this feature too as a part of feature enhancement and you can track and view these meetings from Appointments widget itself.


Private Event

There could be instances of your Calendar being shared with your functional group. However, if you create a Private Event, the agenda and details are not visible to anyone.

The Private Event details are available in the widget and the Dairy of Adviserlogic using this integration.



Track the response of your meeting invitees from the widget.





Cancelled Event

There may be times when you’ll need to delete a meeting (an occurrence or a series) from your calendar. AdviserLogic covers you on that aspect as well. We have also included the details of cancelled events as well in the widget and Diary. User can delete event occurrence or series using the “Delete” option from the widget.


Note: A cancelled event will appear with a strikethrough in the widget. The details in the widgets are subjected to an active Zap. As long as you have an active Zapier subscription, active and Updated Zap, the data will continue to sync in the widget and diary.

Key Points of Consideration

To assist with monitoring this, the Appointments widget includes the date and time that the data was last synced, and the number of events that were updated as part of that sync event. 

Importantlyonly the events created after a successful Zap will flow through the widget and Diary. Any events created before the Zap was set up will not be sent to AdviserLogic 

One more important thing to observe here is you cannot edit an event that has been fetched through an external source (3rd party). However, you are free to delete the event from AdviserLogic diary. Reverse integration is not part of the current functionality; as such the deleted event would be deleted from AdviserLogic diary but not deleted in the external source. 



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