Investment Portfolio Fee Option

Investment Portfolio Option in the Cashflow Section: -

Investment Portfolio is an Asset Type option within the cashflow section. It can be located from the below places: -


  • Add button on the Top right-hand corner of the cashflow section. Add> Assets option



  • It can also be added from the Blue Plus button on the Assets tab or from the Plus button on the SMSF Sheet.


Investment Portfolio is also imported from the Assets section. It is the combined balance of Australian Shares+ Managed Fund+ Custom Products+ Other Assets (Lifestyle option unchecked)+ Bank Deposit ( Term Deposit option checked)



We can add fee in investment portfolio that will be deducted from the overall growth and return the asset generates.


  • ADD> EDIT PROFILE:- We can either add in a new Investment Portfolio from the Cashflow section or edit an existing Investment Portfolio imported from the Fact Find, there will be a row which will allow us to set the fees for the added Investment Portfolio.


  • SELECTING AN OPTION: - The Fees for an Investment Portfolio can either be entered as Percentage Based or it can be a fixed amount. If it is Percentage Based it will calculated on the Investment Portfolio Amount.


  • TAX DEDUCTIBILITY ASPECT:- We also have the Option wherein we can say whether the Fee is Tax Deductible or Not. In case it is Tax Deductible it will float through as a deduction in the Taxation sheet.


  • Once the fee has been entered here in the form, it will then show up in the Assets tab in cashflow and will be deducted from the Investment Portfolio balance.


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