Portfolio X-Ray Enhancements



The implementation of Portfolio X-Ray enabled you to understand the fundamental characteristics of the client portfolios. It offered rich research data analysis showcased for the entire portfolio. However, based upon your feedback, suggestion and ideas, we felt the need to enhance the feature and offer you more granular details of the clients’ portfolios to you.

What Portfolio X-Ray Offers Now

  • The recent enhancement  in the Portfolio X-Ray will now offer visibility to the individual client portfolios as well multiple portfolios.
  • This will now help the adviser have a clear understanding on how all the individual portfolios are performing.

Overview of the Enhancement

We have incorporated a filter defining various portfolios segregated based on:

  • Account
  • Platform Name
  • Account Code

Step1: Go to Reports > Portfolio X-Ray. Under Portfolio Analysis, you would see a dropdown for selecting individual portfolio and a “Apply Filter” button right next to it.




Step 2: Select the applicable portfolios from the dropdown and click on “Apply Filter”. The relevant details will start appearing in the Portfolio tiles for the selected portfolios. This enhancement offers to view details of individual as well as multiple portfolios.





For more details, refer to the Portfolio X-Ray article.



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