AdviserLogic Base SoA FAQ

AdviserLogic Digital Advice - Base SoA Template


How we enhance the Base SoA to benefit you?

We value our user feedback and take this into consideration for each update to our base advice templates. We will continue to develop and refine our base SoA and believe each update offers meaningful improvements over earlier versions. Our ultimate goal is to progressively deliver a streamlined base SoA that integrates with the enhancements made to the Digital Advice workflow. 


Whats new? 

The Base SoA contains has new strategies added through demand or enhancements to Digital Advice. Improvements to format and content, including strategies can be found in the AdviserLogic Base SoA Release Notes


How do I access the base SoA template? 

The latest updates will be available from 8 February and will be made available to all users. You can access the template by navigating to the Digital Advice Tab > General Settings > Select Template > !!AdviserLogic Advice Templates (Folder) > AdviserLogic Base SoA 


From 15 February, the base SoA template will be made the default SoA for all users (except for those already using customised or licensee-provided template) 



What if I want to go back to the old version? 

You will be able to access previous SoA versions by navigating to the Digital Advice Tab > General Settings > Select Template. 

Note that from 15 February, previous versions of the AdviserLogic Base/Standard SoA will no longer be supported. Whilst we will continue to provide support and troubleshooting on any issues, we will not be updating older templates to reflect legislative changes, nor will any enhancements be made. 


Is there a cost involved for me to access the Base SoA? 

No – the Base SoA will be made available to all users at no cost. If you require any customisations to the SoA, please refer to the information here. 


How do I register for training webinars? 

You can register for the webinars here. If you are unable to make it to the allocated live webinars, the recording will be saved in the eLearning section in AdviserLogic. 


Is the Base SoA compliant? 

Morningstar has engaged an external legal firm to provide feedback on our base SoA template, in addition to incorporating feedback from users and licensees. However, the compliance of the SoA will come down to the advice that is provided. You will need to ensure that you are comfortable with the SoA in meeting best interests’ duty and other regulatory obligations before presenting it to a client. 


What should I expect next? 

We will continue to enhance our Base SoA template throughout the year as we release additional enhancements to digital advice and as legislation changes dictate. Details on current and planned enhancements to the AdviserLogic Base SoA can be found here. 


Where can I go to for help? 

You can contact our support team through live chat, email at or phone 1800 314 773. 


I have some enhancement requests for the SoA – where can I send it? 

Any enhancement requests can be emailed to  


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