International Shares & Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)



AdviserLogic now prices international securities (shares and ETFs).  This new feature has been delivered primarily to accommodate investment reporting for holdings created by platform data feeds. This means that for portfolios that include these investments (usually part of an SMA), you’ll now be able to see accurately priced asset and portfolio data.  

Historical unit price data is available, and everything is converted to Australian dollars. 


Historically, when an asset that AdviserLogic doesn’t recognise comes on a portfolio data feed, the system automatically creates a Custom Product which enables you to manually update the unit price and asset allocation. 

With International Securities, we have kept this process in place and simply added a feature that automatically updates the daily currency-adjusted unit price and asset allocation for existing and new holdings that are received.   

You shouldn’t need to do anything to make this work.  You will see these investments listed on the assets screen as Category: ‘Custom Product’ and Type: ‘International Security’. 


Ticker and Exchange will be visible on the asset pop-up. 




While the key objective of this enhancement was to ensure asset records coming via portfolio data feeds would display accurately in AdviserLogic, there is now also a function that will allow you to manually add an international security holding. 

Scenario 1: If you wish to add a holding for an international share that has previously been added (either automatically or manually) in a different portfolio (either for the same or another client). 

Method 1: On the Assets screen, simply add a “Custom Product” and select the relevant international share from the list. 

Scenario 2: If you wish to add a holding for an international share that has not previously been added. 

Method 2: First, you will need to set up the asset in Tools (as shown below) and then follow the same process as Method 1.  Please note that in this scenario, the unit price will not be available until the following day. 

Go to Tools > Administrative Tools > Custom Products > Add New 



Enter the Ticker, Product Name (don’t worry about accuracy as the database will overwrite this with the official security name) and Exchange Code for the product you wish to add as a Custom Product.  You can ignore the rest of the fields and remember to scroll down to access the Save button. 




  • International securities will flow through AdviserLogic’s modules in the same way as any other asset. 
  • For existing custom products (that didn’t come through a data feed), if you update the exchange and ticker, prices data will flow as described above.  
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