Signature Reports in AdviserLogic



Signature Reports are designed to allow financial advisors to harness the data within Morningstar’s signature reports for stocks & managed funds from the Assets module within AdviserLogic.

This feature is based on a subscription model. Users with any tier ARC licence will view the Premium version of the report.

Advisers can subscribe to  Adviser Research Center  by contacting ARC support by emailing or calling 1800 348 628 (AU) 0800 888 361 (NZ) . The advantage of using the Premium version is the access to Morningstar’s research, ratings,  analysis, and much more.

A free version is available to all our users with the option to upgrade. 

Access Signature Reports

Go to Assets from a client card > select the Signature Report icon from the Asset Report column on the far right.


The report opens in a new tab, each fund will display a slightly different layout depending on the asset class. This covers Stocks and Managed funds (Open Ended funds, Exchange Traded Funds, and Close Ended funds).




Signature reports differ from Research Reports available via Digital Advice, as they are web based, and NOT downloadable as a PDF.

Signature reports in AdviserLogic exhibit data as at close-of-business and not real-time data.

This feature functions as a subscription. The Free version will showcase a limited range of data, whilst the Premium will showcase the full range of Morningstar powered insights for advisers who require in-depth analysis. 


Premium Signature Report with ARC Licence


Free Signature report without ARC Licence


Users with an ARC licence can have premium content enabled on the AdviserLogic account by contacting ARC support by emailing or calling 1800 348 628 (AU) 0800 888 361 (NZ)

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