Signature Reports in AdviserLogic



Signature Reports is a recent feature developed by AdviserLogic. Signature Reports are designed to help financial advisors gain access to Morningstar’s signature reports for stocks & managed funds from “Assets” section in AdviserLogic.

The feature is based on a subscription-based model. Users with a “research license” will view the “premium” version of the report. Users can subscribe to “premium” from Adviser Research Center. The advantage of using the “Premium” version is

  • Gives access to Morningstar’s research, analysis, and much more.

A “free” version will be available to all our users. You will get an option to upgrade to “Premium” if you wish.


Steps to Access Signature Reports


  • Locate “Asset Report” on the extreme top right corner. Click on the icon link to get redirected to the website.

Note: The above-mentioned link is applicable only for

  • Stocks
  • Managed funds (Open Ended funds, Exchange Traded Funds, and Close Ended funds).

The report opens in a new tab and appears as per the below screenshot




Note: Signature reports in AdviserLogic exhibit data ‘as of last business-end’ and not real-time data.

As the feature is a subscription-based model, in the “Free” version, premium content will remain hidden behind a “upsell chiclet” as highlighted in the screenshot.




  • For users with “research license”, premium content can be enabled from AdviserLogic admin console.
  • Users can opt for premium subscription from Adviser Research Center site.
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