Troubleshooting - Reporting an Issue

Digital Advice – Reporting Issues

🔷 All questions must be go to the AdviserLogc Support team.

This allows us to solve these for you as quickly as possible.  You can email, live chat or phone us.


What to tell us for fast resolution:

🔷 your login email address

🔷 Client name and Digital Advice Scenario

🔷 What template did you use (templates will behave differently based on Licensee requirements)

🔷 What did you expect

🔷 What actually happened

🔷 Screenshot of the page to ensure we are looking in the right place


This will all help us to be able to help you sooner.


Handy Hint:

The easiest way to take a screenshot using Windows is to use the keyboard combination of Windows Key + Shift + S.  This will allow you to drag you mouse and select just a portion of the screen you wish to save as an image.  Paste this into paint or word and save as an image.



For Apple Mac users:  Command + Up Arrow + 4



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