Digital Advice – Advice Builder Screens

Digital Advice – Advice Builder Screens



The following strategies will open our Super module including platform selection, contribution details, investment asset selection, product and fee comparison and advice justification.

  • Super Rollover
  • Super Contribution
  • Rebalance Portfolio
  • Establish SMSF



The following strategies will open our investment strategy screens for investment changes.

  • Buy Investment Property
  • Sell Investment Property
  • Invest in Term Deposit
  • Cash-out Term Deposit
  • Buy/Sell Investments


Debt Management Strategies

The following strategies will open our debt strategy screens for data input.

  • Reduce Non Deductible Debt
  • Reduce Debt
  • Redraw Debt



The following strategies will open our Risk insurance module including needs analysis, research and quote comparison (powered by Omnium), product selection and advice justification.

  • Buy and Replace
  • Buy New Insurance


Other Advice Pages

All other strategies available in the template attached will populate from known data and then enable you to make any changes directly in your advice template rather than data entry fields. These may be set to appear within the advice flow to allow immediate data entry or by opening the advice document.  See more on Strategy Advice Pages.




Strategy Advice Pages - eg: Account Based Pension


Strategy advice pages within the Digital Advice Flow

Strategy advice pages may be included within the Digital Advice flow screens allowing direct editing.  Fields will be populated and editing can be achieved without the need to select the pencil and enter edit mode.



After adding your recommendations and making any required changes, select Proceed in the bottom right navigation.



Advice Builder - Using an SMA


Using an SMA 

🔷 To use an SMA you have setup in Default Settings.


You will find the SMA options of the manger you selected under Model Portfolio/SMA drop-down. Select the SMA.


Once selected, a box will open to show the platform and the ICR you set up previously. 

Click on Save.



If the ICR is not set, it will appear as 0 in the above screen and is editable on this screen.


The ICR will flow into the SoA output.



The SMA managers and platforms appear alphabetically except for Morningstar SMAs, which by default will appear at the top.


Currently, there are 90 SMAs available.


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