Digital Advice – Navigation

Digital Advice – Navigation

There are several ways to navigate through the Digital Advice flow.   The main way is by using the progression button in the bottom right corner of each page.  



This will become active on meeting the data requirements for each strategy page.  

In addition, the menu in the top left corner allows you to navigate to a strategy section at any time.



In the top right corner you will find Save and Preview which allows you to review and edit your advice document at any time.
From within some strategies, such as super contribution, after completing the required information for the first contribution, you will be able to select to "Add More", select another contribution to make.


Within each strategy section, you will see a series of chevrons at the top of the screen in a menu advice flow.  You will be taken through each of these, always moving from left to right. Digital Advice will assist you enter the required information in the most logical order for your scoped advice strategies. 



Where you are at is shown by that section being in colour.  You can navigate back a screen with the blue back arrow in the top left corner or by clicking on the chevron within the menu flow.


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