Digital Advice – Creating Scenarios

Digital Advice – Creating Scenarios

πŸ”· Search and open your client.

πŸ”· Go to the Digital Advice page from the clients top menu bar.

πŸ”· Select Scenarios.

πŸ”· Select Add Scenario.


This will take you to the entity selection screen where you can choose if the advice is for the client, partner or joint.



πŸ”· Enter the name of your Scenario. A default value will be created for you but you can edit to make this more meaningful for your scenario.


You can not edit fact find data after you have started your advice so ensure everything is entered before you start.


Your fact find data is not updated from details you enter into Digital Advice.


Digital Advice – Selecting Strategies


πŸ”· Next step is to select what advice strategies you wish to include.



The strategies available depend on the advice template attached.


If a strategy is greyed out – this means your client is not able to use this strategy as they may not have the asset.


πŸ”·  Click on a Strategy to select it.  It will change colour so you can easily identify.  


πŸ”·  Click it again to remove.




Missing a strategy? If you can’t find a strategy, you can add a new strategy page in your generated output and add your strategy text directly to this.


Adding a strategy to your template. If you write a strategy regularly and it is not in your or your Licensees template, this can be added.  Contact support to discuss your needs.  Costs may apply.



Digital Advice – Linking Goals


πŸ”· Next step is to link the selected strategies with your client goals.




πŸ”·  Click on the button to select a strategy to link to the goal.  Click again to remove.   


Goals need to be entered into the Fact Finder before you begin.


You can select multiple strategies for each goals.


Not allocating a Strategy to a Goal will scope the Goal out of your advice.


πŸ”·  Click on Proceed once you have finished.  

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