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Welcome to the AdviserLogic Digital Advice Adoption Guide. This guide is designed to help you effectively use Digital Advice and Templates in AdviserLogic. 


Produce Statements of Advice (SoAs) which integrate your key product, investment, and insurance recommendations in an easy to use follow advice flow and SoA output.  





No need to go to multiple modules to put your advice together, Digital Advice steps you through adding your scenario, strategy selection, building your advice and allows you to edit and produce your advice as you go.  


By setting up defaults from fees to strategy text around justifications, frequently used super platforms and quoting preferences, AdviserLogic Digital Advice will support you with efficient advice production that is easy to use.   



Why Digital

There are significant long-term advantages of transitioning to digital advice including:



Digital Advice will enable you to deliver advice to your clients faster.


Cost reduction

Investing in the right technology can result in significant savings by making your business more efficient, reducing the need for increasing staff numbers and enabling existing employees to service more clients.


Destress compliance

AdviserLogic allows you to store all your client data providing you with a single source of truth for data and meet your compliance and regulatory obligations. From client data, file notes, document vault, workflow for consistent processes, FDS and client service management through to advice production. Digital storage and capture enables voice to text, video recordings and stronger evidence to support your advice and client servicing than ever before.


Simple production

The time it takes to produce and then edit advice needs to change.  Digital Advice enables this with simple modern editing tools without the complexity of a full word processor.




Using this Guide


Just like AdviserLogic, this guide has been written and structured with a focus on ease of use.  To help you to navigate, a number of symbols are used to help identify key points or sections.



Important – you really need to read these sections


Extra information – you should read these sections when you are confident with the system basics or if you want more background information & detail


This symbol highlights useful hints or tips on the system


This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to successfully work with Digital Advice, preview and edit your advice documents, with a focus on entering in key information in the appropriate AdviserLogic module or Digital Advice section and template.


In Strategy Examples, you'll find step-by-step instructions for preparing advice for a number of different strategies.



Getting help

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