How to Create Custom Widget

  • Go to your AdviserLogic Homepage > Customise Adviser Home


  • Once you click on Customise Adviser Home, a pop-up appears.


  • This will contain the list of the widgets that are available in AdviserLogic. You also have the option to create new custom custom widgets from the “Add” button located in the bottom left corner.
  • The top left corner has a checkbox which you can use to select/deselect the widgets as per your choice.
  • Custom widgets can be identified from the list because they have an “Edit” option and a bin icon attached.
  • Once you click on “Add”, the below screen appears which has couple of different options which will be discussed in the article.


Note: The Date Filter has a dynamic setting imbedded (for Next (In Days) and Last (In Days)) which will automatically fetch results in the widget based upon the date. So, if the date filter has been set to fetch results for 1 months in the widget, the widget will incrementally include results as the day goes by.

  • The “Filter Clients” has specifically three options – General Filters, Financial Filters and Custom Filters (From Fact Find). Custom Filter will have dropdowns as per the custom fields under the Fact Finder.  The dropdowns come from the custom fact find – “Include in Recipient Filters”. Refer to the below screenshot.


  • General Filters will include all non-financial parameters for the client. For example, the general filters used in this custom widget creation is Category and Adviser. You have a list of options (ex: Category, Date of Birth, Dependents, Gender etc.) under this dropdown.
  • Financial Filters will include all financial parameters for the client. For example, the financial filters used in this custom widget creation is Networth. You have a list of options (ex: Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expenses etc.) under this dropdown.
  • On the right hand side, you’d see an option of checkbox. You can use these checkboxes to filter the fields to display in the widget. The results are refined and shown in the widget as per these checkboxes only.
  • Once this is done, click on “Create Widget” option. A pop-up will appear


Input the name of the widget and hit OK.

  • The widget will start appearing on the Adviser Home. It will have the filter parameters that was selected initially during the widget creation.











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