Saving the list of Insurers and Products

This functionality will allow you to permanently save the list of insurers and products that appears in the insurance research screen so that you can use the insurance research tool more efficiently, hence improving your quoting experience. 

Quote APL button has been replaced with Included Insurers and Products button under Options. 


Clicking on this button will open a pop up where you can select the products and insurers that you wish should appear in the research results. 

Once selected, you can save the settings for all quotes by checking the tick box “Apply these settings to all quotes “and clicking on the Update button. 


Once saved, the products and insurers that are not selected will get excluded from all research results going forward. 

If you wish to include only Retail Products, you can do so from Options -> Risklogic Defaults -> change “Show Retail Products Only” to “Yes” and click Save. 


Note - If you did not select “Apply these settings to all quotes“, the settings will apply for that quote only. 

If the insurer is excluded from the “Tools” section, the same insurer will be excluded from the Included Insurance and Product section. 


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