Independent Superannuation Research Comparison

You can now perform super research and fee comparisons from Digital Advice Tools without needing to be within an advice scenario.  Access via Digital Advice – Advice Toolsthis now provides you with the ability to compare and make an informed decision before commencing your advice. 

Accessing Advice Tools 

You can access the Advice tools by either hovering over the Digital Advice button and click on Advice Tools or by clicking on Digital Advice and then clicking on Advice Tools from the new Digital Advice landing page. 


This will take you into Advice Tools where you will see the available Tools to select from including Super: Super Research & Super Fees Comparison and Insurance: Needs Analysis & Quoting & Research. 


Super Research – Compare Super Fund Features 

Click on the Super Research button to go to the super research comparison screen. This screen will be specific to the selected client and you will see the client’s existing super funds with an option to add more super funds for comparison as shown below. 


Note – Where client does not have any existing superfunds, you will see two blank columns with the option to add Super funds for comparison. 

Clicking on the Save icon will save the comparison with new added super funds. So, if you go back and open the super research screen again, you will find the extra added super fund present. 

Clicking on the Reset icon will remove any additional super funds added for comparison and bring the comparison to its default state. 


Other functionalities like Downloading PDS will work as before. 

You can go back to the Advice Tools landing page by either clicking on the Back to Advice Tools button or by clicking on the Digital Advice drop-down menu. 

You can also move to other tools by clicking on Super Research dropdown and then clicking on the desired tool option. 


Super Fee Comparison 

Click on the Super Fee Comparison button to go to the super fee comparison screen. You will be able to see the Client's existing Super funds for comparison along with the option to add more Superfunds. 

You can do a like to like comparison based on the comparison amount which is editable. This editable amount can be reset back to the default amount. 

Note- The comparison amount by default will be equal to the sum of the client or partner’s existing super fund balances. 


All the other functionalities including downloading PDS, graph comparison, adding a model portfolio to a new super fund work both within Advice Tools and Advice Scenarios.  Save and Reset buttons work as they do for the super research comparison tool. 




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