How to use “Custom Fact Find Tables” Functionality of Custom Fact Find


Note: This feature requires Administrative access

Feature Details

This feature will allow you to create tables for the fields created for Custom Fact Finder. You will also have the option to add further details corresponding to the fields created. Multiple records can be created using this feature.

Step One

Go to Tools > Practice Management > Custom Fact Find.


Step Two

Under Custom Fact Find, you’d be able to see the existing custom fact find. You can use the “Custom Fact Find Tables” functionality for existing as well as new custom fact find. To add a new, click on “Add”.  Under selection name, input the name of the Custom Fact Find, make sure to turn on the “Custom Fact Find Tables” option to use this feature and hit on Save.


Note: This feature can also be accessed from Fact Finder. Click on "Add New". You'll see a similar pop-up as the above screenshot.



Step Three

Once the Custom Fact Find is created and “Custom Fact Find Tables” feature switched on, you’ll also have to add the custom fields which you want to appear under the Custom Fact Find. This can be added under the same Custom Fact Find Section. Details on How to Set Up Custom Fact Find fields is already discussed under Custom Fact Find Article. Once this is done, the fields appear as below:


Once the above-mentioned custom fields are populated, the screen appears as below:


You can add multiple records using this feature. A depiction of this is shown in the above screenshot.

You also have the option to edit the details in the fields. Just click on the corresponding row, a pop up will appear. Do the required changes and click Save. A notification will appear indicating the changes have been saved.




Note: Maximum 6 Field label will be shown in Grid irrespective of the total number of Field label added in CFF section. Rest of the Field label will be visible while adding and editing mode. Refer to the above screenshot for the same.


You can change the order of the fields to reflect what you require to appear in the first six fields of the Custom Fact Find. Just drag the field to the suitable location you wish the field to appear under Custom Fact Find. Once this is done, the changes are automatically saved.



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