Review Meeting Management Widget


Given the risks associated with Fee For No Service and the headaches of tracking upcoming reviews, we've made significant enhancements to the 'Next Review Date Including Overdue' widget on Adviser Home.  It is now an intuitive framework to help you manage your upcoming client review meetings efficiently and understand where things stand at a glance.

Streamline your process so that you can easily see which upcoming meetings require attention and are able to track progress all the way through to meeting completion.  



Options available in the widget:

  • Filter by Advisers - see just your clients or, if you're managing reviews for colleagues, see theirs' too
  • Filter by Days - you control whether you see reviews that are due in the coming 30, 60 or 90 days. The choice is yours.

The widget includes three columns:

  • Client Name
  • Review Due bincludes:  
    • Next review date: from Fact Finder>Basic Information
    • Action notification: useful insights such as when an invitation was sent or how many days overdue a meeting is 
  • Status: available in the dropdown:
    • Pending
    • Invited
    • Scheduled
    • Completed

Workflow of the widget 

The statuses are colour-coded to intuitively indicate priority at a glance.  

“Pending” appears by default and remains until you change it.  It will be yellow w5.pngunless the meeting becomes overdue, in which case it turns red w6.png.


When changed to Invited, a notification pops up informing you that the status has been changed for your client's review.  Under 'Review Due By', 'Invited today' will appear.  If a client was invited some time ago, you may wish to remind them and clicking the circle icon under 'Status' logs that you've reinvited the client to a review.



Note: At this stage, your client is not actually invited from the widget - you'll still need to handle that. This only tracks the status of the review meeting setting process.


Once the status is changed from “Invited” to “Scheduled”, a pop up will appear enabling you to record the time and date


Note: Meeting is not actually scheduled from the widget. Only the status has changed which can be tracked here. 

Once this is done, the widget would appear as below: 

And a pop up will appear stating that the status has been changed to “Scheduled”. 



Once the Meeting is scheduled, a calendar icon will appear alongside the status 'Scheduled'. You also have the option to 'Reschedule' by clicking the calendar toggle. 


So, for example, if you want to reschedule an earlier meeting that was supposed to happen on 13/08/2020 to 21/08/2020, the system would show the notification.



Once the meeting is done, you can change status to 'Complete' and a notification will indicate that the Review meeting has been recorded as Completed.



Note: You can chose to move to and fro between the statuses. You can move from pending to invited/scheduled or completed and vice versa.

Once these steps are done, the Next Review Date will automatically change as per the Review Frequency. 

Colour Code of the Statuses 

The colour codes of the status and their brief description are provided in the attached image below:


Integration Achieved 

  •  Fact Find 

The widget has an integration with fact find, file notes and client home. The “next review date” and “review frequency” fields have been incorporated in the current phase. Once you select the status of the meeting as completed, the “next review date” automatically aligns with whatever the “review frequency” is set for the client .

  • FileNotes

The statuses are integrated with FileNotes section of the application so that you can keep a log of the progression of the status of the meeting. This feature will basically work as a tracker for you to ensure their compliance records are intact.


  • Client Home

You can see the status of the Reviews on Client home page too as per the actions performed on Widget.



Recent Enhancements in the Widget 

We have now fully integrated Review Meeting Management widget with "Client Home". This integration would now allow you to take actions from "Client Home" similar to the widget. The below actions can now be performed from the "Client Home" directly.

  • Change status- Pending, Invited, Scheduled and Completed (status can be changed from and to any status)
  • Re-invite
  • Re-schedule

Note - Any action taken from Client home will also reflect in Adviser Home widget as well. However, user will need to manually refresh the widget since auto-refresh is not available while switching between Client Home and Adviser Home



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