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Templates Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to add more custom strategies? 

You will need to connect with our implementation and consulting team to get more custom strategies added.

What new strategies can I see in Digital Advice in a few months?

We are constantly enhancing Digital Advice which includes making new strategies available for the AdviserLogic SoA.

Can I access Digital Designer to create and edit my own template?

Current all the template design work is restricted to our implementation and consulting team. We do plan to make this available to users in the future to allow you to build and maintain your own templates. If you need assistance with a template or wish to enquire about changes, please email

Disclosure - Advice, Implementation, Ongoing and Product Advice Fees

The Cost of My Advice page is designed to capture fees you charge directly to your clients and uses key words. Preparation Fee table requires the word "Preparation" included in the fee name. Implementation Fee table requires the word "Implementation". Ongoing Fee table requires the word "Ongoing". Fees from products are now available to be saved in Settings as a sliding scale or singular as a dollar or percentage. These fees will display in a separate table from investment products.


About the Editor

We carefully reviewed the latest industry trends and designed a modern easy to use interface. 
Some of the key features include:

Intuitive Interface

The rich text editor offers complete functionality through a very intuitive interface that you will find natural to use. 


Modern all the way. Our editor dumps the old and classic popups, adding in new, styled popups for an awesome user experience.

 Paste from Microsoft Word or Excel

The Digital Advice editor allows you to choose if you wish to keep or clear the formatting when pasting from Microsoft Word or Excel. This means you can keep all the styling or you can simply paste the text.


Images can be inserted via drag & drop, browse or paste a URL.  Drag & drop images to reposition them, click to resize, change their alignment, make them links, replace or delete them. 


Keep your data organized using tables, with both basic and advanced operations on cells, rows and columns. The table might not necessarily need the whole page width and not all columns are the same. Resize them for a neat appearance. The table edit popup offers an easy and intuitive way to edit the entire table, one or multiple cells. Use the TAB key to jump through table cells or insert a new row if TAB is pressed in the last table cell.

Horizontal Line

Modern all the way. Our editor dumps the old and classic popups, adding in new, styled popups for an awesome user experience. 

 Undo and Redo

Let's paraphrase Alexander Pope: “To err is human, to forgive, undo.” , so don't worry about errors there's always undo and redo.  Ctrl + Z will Undo and Ctrl + Y will Redo an action

 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

       Ctrl + A   Select All content
       Ctrl + X   Cut the selected item
       Ctrl + C   Copy the selected item
       Ctrl + V   Paste the selected item 

 More Keyboard Shortcuts

      Windows key + Period (.)   Open emoji panel
      Windows key + Shift + S    Capture part of the screen with Snip & Sketch
      Windows key + V     Open Clipboard bin

Advanced Linking

Easily insert web links to images. Click "Open in new tab" to open them in new browser tabs. 

 Video URL parsing - bring your advice to life

Easily insert videos by URL. Our rich text editor automatically parses Youtube, Vimeo, Yahoo and Daily Motion video links. Paste the link into the page and then left mouse click anywhere in the url link. The Video editing toolbar will display.  Select Edit Link to change the text displayed for the url link and set to open in a new tab. 


Template - It's a matter of style

Some key considerations when designing and changing a template include:

Basic Styling

Basic styling, such as bold and italic, is built-in and easy to apply. 

 Font Size

Change font size with pixel precision. No more "small", "medium", "large" and nothing between them.

 Font Family

Give your text some personality using different font family from your custom list of available fonts.


Give your thoughts some color. Change the text or background color as you wish, selecting from your color palette. 


Templates Editing Tips

Editing a strategy within Digital Advice flow

Some strategy pages will appear within the Digital Advice application allowing you to directly edit the output on the screen without needing to go into edit mode first. 

Editing a strategy from the template preview (slide out / pop out)

Each page can be accessed at any time and allows you to edit by clicking on the edit pencil icon in the top right corner.  Once in edit mode, make your changes and then click on the save disk icon.

 Editing the template from the Scenario screen in Digital Advice

By selecting "Preview" from a Scenario card, you can open the template and make any final edits before downloading and sharing with your clients.


Note: Digital Advice videos are also available in eLearning

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