Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) Setup & Use

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) are where securities are owned by the client but are managed by an investment professional. SMAs are usually a non-unitized registered Managed Investment Scheme, governed by a constitution and a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). SMAs are constructed on a 'model portfolio' basis by an investment professional and any changes in the model portfolios will result in corresponding changes to the client’s portfolios.

In AdviserLogic, SMAs are shown as invested in platform with their specific costs (ICRs) and asset allocations.  To setup a SMA fees, go into the Digital Advice Module and follow below steps.

Setting Up SMAs

Click on Digital Advice Settings.


Go to General Settings -> SMA setup and click on the blue Setup button as shown.




On the SMA Setup screen, search and then select the SMA manager by clicking on the checkbox on the right side of the SMA manager name and then click on Next.

Note – You can select multiple SMA managers.


Select a platform to invest your SMA in. Then click Next to proceed.


You will see the available SMAs of the SMA managers we selected. Under each SMA, you will see the platforms you selected in the previous step.



You can manually fill the ICRs in the boxes to the right of the platform names and then click Save.



Note – ICRs can be edited manually.

Applying SMA in Strategies

You will find the SMA options of the manger you selected under Model Portfolio/SMA drop-down. Select the SMA.


Once selected, a box will open to show the platform and the ICR you set up previously. Click on Save.


If the ICR is not set, it will appear as 0 in the above screen and is editable on this screen.


The ICR will flow into the SOA.


1) The SMA managers and platforms appear alphabetically except for Morningstar SMAs, which by default will appear at the top.

2) Currently, there are 90 SMAs available.

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