DASH Datafeeds Setup – Formerly Wealth02 (Data feeds)

To commence an Investment Datafeed from DASH, please follow these steps: 


Phase 1 – Retrieve the Credential Details from DASH

Please contact DASH at platformsupport@dash.com.au to generate the credentials and share them with you.


Phase 2 – Integrate DASH Datafeeds with AdviserLogic

Log in to your AdviserLogic account. Go to DatafeedsDatafeed Codes > Add > Select DASH from the drop-down.






Enter the Adviser Code and password acquired from PHASE 1 in their respective fields. Using a separate Account field per separate credentials in the case of multiple adviser codes. Ensure the Active box at the end of the row is selected and select Save.




That’s it! DASH Datafeeds should then commence automatically within 48-72 hours.


What information does this feed provide?

Investment Details: Unit Balance and Transactional Data, including purchases, redemptions, and distributions.

For this Datafeed, ADL supports and identifies all kinds of major investments like MFDs, ASX, International Shares, SMAs, Bank Deposits/ Term Deposits, Cash accounts etc. 

This is an investment only Datafeed. This Datafeed updates daily.



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