New Feature – Generate/E-mail Template


AdviserLogic has launched a new feature in Workflow 2.0, where you have the option to generate the template report or you can send it directly to the client/partner via e-mail.

Below are the steps that you must follow:

  • Open workflow set up

             Tools>Administrative Tools>Practice Management>Workflow Set up

  • Click on Add (will appear at the top bottom side of the page) and a new window will open up
  • Enter name, category, type and then click on “Add”

  • A new window by the name of “Template Workflow Task” will open and then enter the fields with an asterisk and make sure to select templates from “Attach templates”

  • Once you are done with adding the task, click on “save and close” and then open the client>task screen> click on Options>Add workflow

  • A new window will open where you have to select the fields with an asterisk and hit Save

  • Open the workflow and then click on templates. The screen will look like the one shown below:



  • If you click on Generate, then the document will download on your screen.

  • If you click on E-mail, then the e-mail screen will open where you have to fill data in e-mail body and hit “Send”.

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