Rollover Screen- SuperLogic 2.0

  •  Once you have added superfund on the Existing Superfunds screen click on “Proceed to Rollover” icon appearing at the right-hand bottom of the screen


  • A pop-up message will appear on your screen at the left-hand top side of the screen which says that with one click you can switch to client’s or partner’s superfund. Please refer the below screen-shot:


  • The rollover screen is divided into 3 parts:

          a) Rolling-out of

          b) Total amount to Roll-in

          c) Rolling-into

                                                        Rolling-Out of:

  • Under this section, you will be able to see all the super funds that the client or partner  holds
  • You can select or deselect the fund by clicking on the checkbox in front of the Name of the Superfund

  • On the below screen, you will be able to see the Current Balance, Amount already Rolled over, Amount to Roll-in (This is an editable field) and Remaining amount

  • Screen-shot for reference:

                                                Total Amount to Roll-in: 

This field will reflect the total amount that you want to roll over from the selected funds.

                                                     Rolling Into:

  • This screen reflects 3 panes under which you can roll into the funds 
  1. Default Platform
  2. Existing Superfunds
  3. New funds 

                                          Default Platform


  • You can set the default platform from Options>Platform Defaults

  • Once you click on Platform Defaults, a new window will get open where you have to select 3 fields namely Small Balance Wrap (Super), Large Balance Wrap (Super) and Maximum Threshold for Small Balance Wrap (Super) and hit SAVE. Please refer the below screen-shot:



Whenever you are setting a default platform, you will be able to see a message which says:

     “Save these setting for company”

     If you click on “Yes”, then the default super funds will appear on all the clients.

     If you click on “No”, then the default super funds will not appear on all the clients.


                                           Existing Superfunds

  • This will show all the funds that you are holding currently. Here, you can roll-out from one fund and roll into a fund that you already hold. Refer the below screen-shot:

                                                      New Funds

  • In this section, you can select a new Platform/Industry/Self-Managed Super Fund which has good growth prospects in the near future. Refer the below screenshot:

Once you have entered the amount that you want to roll out and selected the fund in which you want to roll-in; the next step is “Proceed to Investment Portfolio” Screen. Refer the below screen-shot:


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