Recommendation- Omnium Insurance

The structure of the recommended policy cards is the same as the cards on the Existing Policy screen.

Using the three dots, you can perform the following actions:

  1. Duplicate policy cards
  2. Archive the policy
  3. Add justifications to the recommended policy

Once you click on the Policy card, the detailed window will be opened.  In here you can edit the recommended policy details.

In the recommended policy card you will be able to see all of the detail of your recommendations.  You will see cover details such as TPD and Trauma extensions associated with the Life cover. For Trauma, you will be able to see any TPD extension details.   

As you can recommend a combination of products (a portfolio), the recommended card can show multiple types of cover, based on different premium and ownership structures.

Recommendation Policy Pop-up:

Save to Existing Policy feature - A warning message will be shown when you click on the SAVE TO EXISTING feature if:

  1. Two covers of the same type appear.

Example: Recommended card contains TPD standalone and TPD extension both.

  1. More than 5 covers in the Recommended screen.

Add Reason: To justify why you are recommending the policy, this screen allows you to add in your reasons for the new policy, and any replacement details.


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