FAQs- Omnium Insurance

  • Currently No Data to Display?

If you go to RiskLogic without completing the Needs Analysis, you will see this warning.  The result is that you will need to manually enter the information in order to generate any quotes.

  • Have can I view recent or previously saved quotes?

In RiskLogic, you need to go to the Saved Quotes section at the top of the screen.  This will automatically show the five most recent quotes, along with the ability to show a saved quote by name.

  • How do I exclude an Insurer from the generated quotes?

    You can remove any Insurer from the comparison list from the “Exclude” Drop-down menu.

  • How can I see the Insurers that have not returned quotes?

In RiskLogic, any products excluded from quotes will show under the Other Products Section.  If you click on the Information button next to Other Products you shall be able to see a common reason in respect to the Policies. You can also click on a product to see the reasons for that provider not returning any results. 

  • How do I switch between client and partner?

The entity with the tick symbol is the one for whom we are generating the quotes.


  • How do I see the Similarities and Differences?

    By hovering on the provider's logo, you will see a tick symbol.  Once you have ticked at least two Policies you will see an option to run a comparison report on the right-hand side of the page.


  • How do I generate quotes for the cover that is held partially inside of superannuation, and part personally held?

When entering the “tax environment” field, you should select “Hybrid”.

  • What does the “Both” Tax Environment Option show?

This will provide quote results for policies owned by Superannuation and Personally (a split or flexi-link).  The Policy Name will be the distinguishing factor as to whether it is owned by Superannuation or not.

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