Need Analysis- Omnium Insurance


Needs Analysis will come up pre-populated with details from Fact-Finder, Assets and Liabilities Section.

To Set the Default rate of return and Funeral Expenses please click on Options -> Set Defaults on the right-hand corner of the Top Bar. (refer to screenshot)

To Add in Additional Expenses, Liabilities and other details to the Needs Analysis Section please click on the (+) button next to the Needs Analysis heading. Once you click on any of the ongoing expenses or the one-off expense part, you will then be able to complete the relevant data.  (refer to both the below snap-shots)



To see details in regards to the Income Protection Policies you need to click the "other covers" section available on the top middle next to add scenario. 


By Clicking on Reset, any changes made in the Needs Analysis section will be removed, reverting to the data imported from the Fact-Finder. 


In case a particular section in the Needs Analysis does not have any data, you can enter the information by clicking on that row.

The Overview Section shows you some graphs to illustrate the level of required cover, against what the client currently has.  The red section illustrates the shortfall based on the current position.


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