Existing Policies- Omnium Insurance


Existing policies section is for entering the Insurance Policies that are held by the client/s.  This screen will illustrate in any Insurance Policy details that are imported via a Datafeed, as well as those entered manually.

Screen Interface:

Add Policy Option:

Add an Existing policy by clicking on the (+) button highlighted in the below screenshot. Once you click on the (+) button, the detailed window for the Existing Policy will pop-up.

Add Policy Window:

Once you have entered the Policy Name, you will then be able to edit the rest of the detail.


The Policy Name will default once you select the Insurer and Type of Policy or you can manually type the name.

Example - Client selects ANZ Super as its product provider and inputs cover as “Life”.
The Default Policy Name will be set as ANZ Super -Life Cover.
This goes for all types of cover TPD, Trauma, IP, BE

In case a client has a Combined policy - Life standalone, TPD and Trauma extensions, with the Insurer as AMP, then the default name would be: AMP -Life, TPD and Trauma Insurance Plan

Once all the details have been completed, click on the SAVE button to add the existing policy card. A History version is created, every time you click on SAVE (as highlighted in the above screenshot).

Add Covers:

Click on (+) button adjacent to COVER to add covers (refer to below screenshot).



Select the cover/s you want to add and click on the SAVE button. Once you click on SAVE, the EDIT box corresponding to the type of cover selected will be visible and a default policy name is created (refer to below screenshot).

Complete the policy & cover details accordingly.

Smoker Status: If "No", the insured is NOT considered a smoker on this policy.  If "Yes", the insured is considered a smoker on this policy.

Show in Cashflow: If NO, the insurance data i.e. premium etc, will not flow to Cash Flow. If Yes, it will flow to Cash Flow.


There is a switch in the summary section which can be set to either view the Archived Policies or the Active Policies. By default, it will show the Active Policies. Please remember the switch between archive and active will have to be done for client and partner separately. (refer to below screenshot)


Following are the different status types that will be available to view under Archived Policies:-


Add Beneficiaries:

Multiple beneficiaries can be added by using the BENEFICIARY section.  The maximum percentage that can be assigned to a beneficiary is 100% and the additions of all benefit % for different individuals cannot exceed 100% (refer to below screenshot).


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