How to add a Role for Adviser Group- Contact Person

What‘s the change?

Now there are two ways to add role for Adviser Group Contact Person : 

From Adviser group 

From the Admin section

1. From the 'Adviser Group'

    a. Click on the ‘Adviser group section’ under ‘Business Setup’.

    b. Go to Contact Person Tab.

    c. You will see the field with Role.


    d. Use the drop-down to select New Role.


    e. A new popup will open to create 'New Role'


     f. Enter the Role type name and Role Description in the field and click on the ‘Save’ button.

     g. New Role is created.

2. From the 'Admin Section'

The role defines who handles the adviser group. It can be a Manager, Administrator, or a specific employee.

We can add this Role by:

    a. Click on ‘Admin Section’ under ‘Licensee’

    b. Click on ‘Role Type’ tab and click ‘Add’

    c. Enter a name in the ‘Role type name’ box and click on the ‘Save’ button.



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