How to upload data file

1. Obtain the provider statement and save it to your desktop/hard drive/server as per normal.

2. Click on ‘Upload Data File’ under ‘Data Management’ on the Dashboard screen.

3. Search for Product Provider in the ‘Select Product Provider’ box.

4. Click on the month of upload at ‘Upload History Frequency’.

5. It opens up a calendar showing the dates of the selected month.

6. Click on the date for which the file has to be uploaded.

7. A box opens showing “Select File to Upload”. You can either “Drag & Drop a File” or “BROWSE”                  the file from the saved location on your computer and press “Upload”.

8. Please note, the below screen appears only if the system finds that you are trying to upload a file with the same name, the number of records, and Fee Amount which has been uploaded previously. It displays a page to either “Discard” or “Continue” the upload process. You can click “Continue” to proceed with the upload process if that is appropriate.

9. The file now has been successfully uploaded. The screen displays all the details of the fees received, including the total amount.

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