How to see confirmed Proportion Fees for Adviser Group

Once the Payout is confirmed from Process Payout, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Go to ‘Payout Report’ under 'Reports'

2. A new page of ‘Payout Report’ will open where three radio buttons named as ‘Adviser Group,

    Licensee Referrer and State Manager’ appear.

   *Adviser Group Radio button will appear as selected by default.

   *Confirmed payout date will appear with green color.

3. Click on the green highlighted date.


4. A new grid will appear for the confirmed adviser group, click on it and scroll down on the page.

5. Here Proportion Fees will appear as applied under the ‘Total Payments’ grid.

*Proportion Fee will be subtracted from total payouts and after that Total Payable Amount will appear.


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